JOIN OUR ONLINE HUMAN R’EVOLUTION 7 – 10 January – FIND your TRIBE – in community we THRIVE

This year has been a time of looking inward. Of DOING less, of BEING more, of reflecting, and of a LOT of letting go – physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually, materially…

Here at Ibiza Retreats, we scaled right back to run just ONE retreat this year of 2020 insight and 2020 “revision”. And it was beautiful.

For most businesses and organisations around the world, the different enforced “protocols” surrounding human connection have meant that we have needed to reinvent ourselves and offer new experiences, in new ways, during these “extra-ordinary” times. And rather than see this as a time of “closed doors” – Susie and I have found NEW DOORS – or rather, new PORTALS to open.

It is just that now, we have to approach situations, ideas in new ways, with even more creativity – to open our minds and think in new ways, technologically AS well as spiritually.

And we have FOUND our collaborative tribe for this journey into ONLINE retreat-heaven!
When 2 or more candle-flames come together

We have embraced the spirit of COLLABORATION – coming together with co-founders Steve and Leigh – from the newly birthed – yet brilliant – leading ONLINE wellness hub in Ibiza – TRANSFORMATION STATION. Together our practices are more powerful, our learnings more insightful and empowering. Because, as we know through Quantum Physics, we are ALL made of vibrating particles of ENERGY. And when we combine our intentions with our presence our candle flames come together and the flame grows – exponentially.

Together we have created the first IBIZAN ONLINE HUMAN R’EVOLUTION retreat, of 3 nights and 4 days from 7 – 10 January, to offer a nourishing, empowering and transformative experience that ALSO invites us ALL participating to bring our candle flames together and co-create ideas, inspirations and NEW human connections to thrive as a tribe.

Whilst you cannot reach us physically in Ibiza, we are bringing the magic of Ibiza to you: with LIVE and pre-recorded Classes, Practices and Workshops from some of Ibiza’s most magical natural settings, beaches and mountain-sides and within Transformation Station’s awesome Geodisic Dome.

Because the magic of Ibiza MOVES through space and time, through screens, through intentions, through sharing music, words, listening, seeing each other, hearing each other and through supporting each other as a conscious community who is ALWAYS free to be, do, think and feel independently.

TOGETHER we THRIVE! Find out more info or sign-up here