Put your PASSION into action this springtime…

Many of our wonderful clients come to retreat with us in Ibiza to reconnect with their passions, their purpose and their life force energy.   So here is some self-Life-Coaching to empower you, wherever you are in the world.  Here are some simple and easy techniques to support you to channel your energy positively this springtime and reap the rewards all year.  How? Start by asking yourself honestly:

* Are you doing what you really love? Are you loving what you do?

* Do you spring out of bed each Monday morning full of the juice of life… inspired and ready to embrace new opportunities…   Or…

* Are you feeling kind of “blue”, lacking motivation, or simply confused about what you are really here for? What your purpose is? Or how and where to invest your time and energy to be successful, healthy and happy?

When you are doing what you really love – whether that’s being a parent to your children, growing your business or sewing new creative seeds – energy flows freely.   When you are putting your passion into your action (and following your dreams) you are sure to succeed more easily. It really is that simple: do what you feel passionate about.  Why?   Lets look at the word itself – and passion’s intrinsic meaning:

Passion = Pass I On  = passing on the BEST of yourself

Passion = Pass ION = passing on your ENERGY

Live your Passion = the keys:

(1) Watch the children:  Have you ever noticed how little children are simply full of energy They are fully immersed in the moment – in whatever it is that they are doing…. in the experience.

(2) Do what feels good! Choose to follow your joy & set your spirit free: Children follow their joy and do what feels good (rather than what they are being told they have to do).  And your spirit, your free spirit is essentially this same inner-child: you are in touch with your free spirit when you are feeling full of love for life, have that sense of “Karpe die” and want to “seize the day”.  This is when you are “in the moment”, spontaneously flowing from experience to experience and are feeling the joy, happiness that comes from being connected to this same source energy that connects us all, that gives this feeling of pure love, pleasure and ease.

(3) Rediscover what you are most passionate about (and delegate more responsibilities): If you have forgotten what you are passionate about or are feeling low or listless or unclear about how to focus and channel your energy this year, reconnect with your inner-child by doing something to purely HAVE FUN this spring-time.  Without any goals, or required results…  notice what you love doing, what brings you good feelings… purely from the experience.  How can you bring this into your life? How can you create your week to create more time for what brings you true pleasure?  How can you share and delegate your responsibilities differently?

Give it a go – have more FUN – lighten-up and be childlike and innocent in your appreciation of life – even for one week – and we guarantee that you will then spend your spring & summer feeling fulfilled with plenty of that same limitless energy for life that allows your happiness to flow freely.

Strength-building Inner-fire yoga practice

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.” ~ Ferdinand Foch

The element of fire cleanses and purifies – it offers us the chance to let go and start again. Fire also symbolises passion and creation. Yet fires with huge, powerful flames can burn big and bright, but ultimately they burn themselves out. Sometimes leaving destruction in their wake.
So how can we ignite a spark which builds into gentle flames and constant glowing embers; allowing us to reap the benefits of our fire?
Here are a couple of suggestions which work for us! Enjoy! 
The practise:
Lion’s Breath – Find the appropriate position for you body – you can be seated or even in a position such as downward dog. Take a few grounding breaths, focusing on what you’d like to move through. As you’re ready, take a deep inhalation through the nose and as you exhale through the mouth, stick out the tongue, open the mouth and eyes wide and let any sound that comes with the breath escape as well. Tip: Try doing thee first thing in the morning or if you feel ‘stuck’ in any way during your practise or your day!
Sun Salutations – Try your normal style – but do 3 rounds to warm-up the body quickly. And then to really get that fire going, hold each posture for 1 minute. This practise really gives you a chance to invoke that internal fire through your legs and core! Breath long and deep and again, if you feel stuck, literally PUMP the breath from your lungs! Focus on release and letting go of anything which you wish to leave behind on your yoga mat. Tip: Try inserting some strong fire poses such as ‘chair’ pose (utkatasana) or Warrior 1 (Vira 1 as shown above) into your 1 in hold poses.
And why not try lighting a candle to evoke fire energy whilst you practise? 

Light Language workshops

From 21 – 24 June at Buddha House Retreat, with international spiritual teacher, Keren-Or Atari, explore the Mayan art of manifestation through colour, light and sacred geometry.  A 24th generation healer in an unbroken lineage of Mayan curanderos and Light Language Master, Karen is offering 3 days of workshops.  Beginning Light Language – June 21st, gives a firm foundation in the art of reading and writing light.  Intermediate Light Language – June 22nd – 23rd continues on the curadizmo path of light language, teaching you to write 49-shape light grids to create prosperity, promote healthy relationships, heighten spiritual awareness, provide service to your community and step further onto the path of enlightenment.  Advanced Light Language July 9th – 14th 

is a powerful and life-changing six days learning and integrating a tremendous amount of energetic information. enter beyond space and time and make major shifts in your blueprint and in the blueprint of your community, with 80 powerful sacred geometries and 144 colors. 

Enquire here now for more information, pricing and accommodation possibilities.


VoicEssence workshop with Laor

May 22 – 24th sing to the sky in beautiful Buddha House retreat, talented world Musician Laor invites you into VoicEssence: a vocal-breath journey, opening your heart, entering a space of deep trance, reconnection, healing, releasing and harmony.  Creativity flows as you experience new ways to express yourself, your emotions, your being.   With improvisations, sound dances, circle songs, rhythms and a deep exploration of your inner-potential to shine.  Now just €90 email info@ibizaretreats.com for details.

Walk in Beauty Womens Retreat

29.03 – 01.04 – Discover the Goddess, shaman and wise woman in you and celebrate your deep love for Mother Nature.  Zorah and Ilona inviting you to experience the beauty and tranquility of the magical Ibizan mountains in this women-only retreat.  Dance, sing, meditate; celebrating your passion and joy.  You will weave, through rituals, powerful medicine into your life.  390 € plus meals and accommodation.  During your stay in the exotic, eco-luxury of “Buddha House” retreat, high atop a mountain in the North of the island, you will also explore techniques that enable you to retain your beauty, stay fit in your body and learn delicious ways to enjoy a healthy diet.  A retreat in the arms of the Mother Nature herself.   Learn more about your hosts, Zorah and Ilona and this sacred, intimate retreat – or book your place.