Meditation & Transformation Retreats

October 4 – 7th – Meditation & Transform Retreat with Valerie, Faye and Ibiza Retreats in the healing heart-retreat of Casa Corazon.  Guided meditations daily, sunset cliff-top meditation and walks in nature, organic nourishing soul-food, full-body massage and gentle Coaching and support to work with the insights and inspirations that may arise.  From 595 GBP all-inclusive. What makes these meditation retreats so special?  Well, it definitely starts with the heart-felt wisdom of meditation leader Valerie…

Valerie brings 30 years meditation experience from India, America and Australia. A wise woman and a powerful teacher, at ’72 years young’.  She introduces a gentle visual approach to inner exploration. This enables the participant to allow spontaneity of change with the relaxation and trust of grounding into their own inner guidance.

Casa Corazon is a centuries’ old farmhouse set in acres of wild meadow and fruit trees, surrounded by pine forests. Sit by the natural pool under the lemon trees.   Take time to enjoy some individual reflection and to be held, hosted gently, by Faye and Valerie, facilitating letting go where you are safe to release.  It is a rural retreat and the pace is slow and easy.

Food is organic, locally sourced and home cooked. Massages and Treatments are out in nature in the shade of pool-side fig trees.   Meditations are held in the  beautiful healing space of the high ceiling of the Entrada.  Lie on the roof-top at night star gazing, wrapped in blankets.  Participate in a sacred ceremony to support the life you wish to live.  The work is gentle yet strong and it is a true self investment.

This is a bespoke retreat and coordinated to suit the needs of beginners at meditation and those who are already familiar with / have established your own practice and feel ready to go deeper. 6 places on offer (minimum of 4 persons required).
The retreat includes:

* Daily Meditation and Breathing workshops

* Sunset meditation in nature

* Full Body holistic massage

* 4-hand Reiki therapy with Tibetan singing bowls, sage ritual and vibrational healing

* Sacred Shamanic ceremony

* Nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner with delicious refreshments provided throughout the day

Optional further Holistic Life Coaching with Larah is available to support you to apply your insights, learnings and new-found clarity with practical strategies for your daily life.

And all in the perfect place to rest your head.  A peaceful and harmonious space to sleep long and deep, in the heart of the island where the frog chorus lulls you into the comfort of your bed. All guests report that they have had the best night’s sleep,  followed by the best breakfasts!

Personal Reconnection Ibiza Retreats

Reconnective Healing is a new, very powerful form of healing for emotional, mental, physical or spiritual dis-comfort and dis-ease. Tailor-made with Ibiza Retreats offering their exquisite mind-body-spirit concierge service to host you gently.  Add optional extra massage, yoga, healthy cuisine, whilst Mathieu and Melania facilitate your Personal Reconnection in 2 sequential sessions after you receive a Reconnective Healing session.

Experience deep healing, new energy, insights, learnings, clarity, lightness of being. From €695 for 3 nights & 4 days. single occupancy.

The Personal Reconnection is a life changing experience. A grid is activated on your body that reconnects you to the Universe, the Earth and your very Essence. It enables you to access and interact with these new frequencies. It sets you back on your life path, bringing you healing and happiness.  The benefits may be felt physically, emotionally, energetically or with new sensory awareness.

And the best way to integrate these benefits, is on retreat, with time and space purely for yourself to reflect, relax and be.

Don’t believe it, experience it.

⇒  Get reconnected with the energy lines of the Universe and the Earth
⇒  Get in touch with your Essence
⇒  Get back on your life path
⇒  Find balance so healing of dis-eases on all levels can take place: physically, emotionally mentally and spiritually
⇒  Restructuring DNA for evolutionary upgrade
⇒  Expanding consciousness

Contact us for details of the beautiful places to stay, tranquil retreat accommodation where you can let go, experience, reflect and just be.