Calling all men – fathers, sons, entrepreneurs, truth seekers, yogis, husbands, boyfriends, partners, breadwinners, old or young, rich or poor, whether you are on top of the world or in a crisis, amidst life change or have questions to ask and truths to share…

July 10 – 13 offers men the chance to dive into the deeper life questions, with a like-minded circle of men of many ages, backgrounds and nationalities.

 Do you think you have achieved “everything” you set out to do….  yet are wondering why you are still not feeling completely fulfilled?  

 Do you have enough time for your family, your friends; time to be alone or for enjoying and appreciating all that you are creating?  

 Despite running after all of life’s opportunities as fast as you can to win and create and support your home and family, do you ever wonder … is there something more?  

The Quo Vadis question is this: WHY RUSH? and WHERE EXACTLY ARE YOU HEADING? And… What is YOUR DESTINY?

For millennia, men have taken time apart from their tribes and communities to explore these questions. Following this tradition, you can explore and inquire into your inner-worlds in a supported space and amidst a strong circle of men, coming together to share, to network and to inspire each other. And, with deep transformational work, coaching, shamanic ceremonies and initiation rituals, systemic constellations (Hellinger), live music events, meditations in nature wilderness, adventures and beach trips, Sudhir, Ramateertha & the “Men’s Liberation Team” offer you the time and space to slow down and explore these vital life questions.. in the magical natural landscapes of Ibiza, that create backdrops and horizons for this essential self-reflection.

Liberate yourself from the fast-stream: come and enjoy the flow-of-life stream. 

Sudhir and his VISION: Since about 25 years ago I have been leading seminars for men in Europe, Asia and US and I truly love the honesty and intensity that arises when men get together in the spirit of true brotherhood. Something very powerful and healing happens when men drop their usual masks, games or defenses and meet as friends with an open heart.

What guides us in these seminars arises from within each man: it is our heart’s passion for truth and our longing for authentic freedom. I don’t believe in hierarchy, ego driven leaders, gurus or alpha males. In my understanding each of us should try to redefine masculinity in a more authentic way. The outdated patriarchic definition – me against the rest of the world – has  lead us to the verge of global suicide. In that context our work is also a rebellion against all forces and traditions which separates us men from a inherent state of oneness and connectedness to life, to nature and to our inner female qualities. To change the world, first man must change … I mean you and me, not “Them”

Held high up in the magical, mountain-top retreat of Buddha House Ibiza, this is the second year that the retreat is running, Ibiza is breathing a big, embracing, sigh of relief that men can also share time and space to speak from the heart and be fully heard.  Delicious cuisine accompanies the retreat and indoor and outdoor sleeping options offer you to the chance to get back in touch with nature… including a mongolian yurt and teepee…Are you feeling the call?

This workshop was very touching and beautiful, very good and deep work. Lots of new found friends. I will keep this treasure in my heart – Arik

Thank you for conjuring this amazing group of New Men… this is the way to make this world a better place, by supporting inner growth – Marco

“Incredible retreat in Ibiza. Amazing, honest, without judgment and share with men coming from other countries but beating with the same heart..”  

Contact us for further information and to reserve a place.

Let your “perfectionist” rest… go with YOUR flow this summer-time!

Do you find yourself going, going, going and then… finally flopping…. or burning out?
Do you thrive on the adrenalin charges of achieving things to perfection, yet find it hard to truly value the down-time that follows?
Would you like to be able to live life at a more careful. conscious pace, so that you can be who you really are and express yourself freely and fully?
We love to welcome you on retreats to embrace the free-spirit of Ibiza this summer time. We recognise that so many of you have been fighting to keep the balls in the air, the many parts of “life” going “perfectly” – yet this seeking for perfection, really does make the warrior part of you weary.   Even spiritually aware warriors need time out to rest and retreat…  Trying to please the world around you and satisfy the needs of work-life-family responsibilities can be exhausting – even for the most organized and effective individuals.  For us, Larah and Susie, through our own life journeys, from the runing-running-running to “make things happen”, Ibiza has taught us how to slow down, how to stop pushing ourselves beyond that “tipping point” where the body wants to rest, yet the mind wants to keep on going!
It has taken us years, after living and working in London, New York and Sydney, to be able to trust ourselves – and life – and the divine order of everything. (Most of the Time!).  Now that we can, more and more (and we are still practicing) this is helping us to stop when we need to and wait for when we “feel” that we are going to be most effective.  This has enabled us to feel more and more free – by honouring ourselves and our highest good, we are able to live more in the moment – and honour our wellbeing.  It has taken courage – and still sometimes does – yet once you are on the “trust in life” boat, you can surrender into being more “present”, to live more moment-to-moment, with greater energy, enjoying the magic of each precious day.    The warrior may want to continue to achieve and create and go for it! Yet this is only the imprinted habits and conditioning… this is not who you really are…
So we invite you to give yourself permission this summer to truly rest the “warrior” parts of you by developing a personal practice that enables you to retreat from the stage of life regularly, so that you can tune back in and trust in yourself.  Then you can en JOY life more and simply go with the flow:
1. Take time out to tune in to your wise woman daily ( or man! ) by walking in nature and connecting with the natural world around you.
2. Actively practice appreciation – this will bring you into the present and enable you to open your heart (from where trust flows).
3. Balance mind-quietening meditations with releasing breath work so emotional charges can be released.
4. Surround yourself with healing sounds that help the nervous system and relax you physically as well as mentally.
5. Create the time each day with yoga, qi gong, tai chi, or other physical well being techniques that enable you to hone and tone and strengthen your SELF from the core and expand and enhance your mind-body-energy awareness.  Even just 10 minutes in the morning.  Choose quality over quantity!
 As you strengthen your connection with your body-mind and spirit – you strengthen your self-respect and can prioritise your relaxing time as being an essential part of enabling you to fully enjoy being you.
As you cultivate self-care and self-awareness through caring for your physical and emotional and spiritual needs, your trust will expand and the world around you begins to respect these too.
With love and FREEDOM!
x Larah and Susie x



Aromatherapy in Ibiza is heaven (ly) scent

Everywhere in Ibiza heavenly scents are filling the air.  Mmmmmm the scent of orange blossom is lifting me up, right now, as I inhale the delicate, tantalizing aroma, I can feel my heart melting and my body physically relaxing.  The Jasmine around our home is heady under he moonlight and, as I walk amidst the almond trees, I can smell wild garlic wafting up gently sharpening my focus, a purification for my spirit. An early morning run through the forest leaves me feeling positive, strong and clear as the scent of the pine blends with the rosemary, I arrive home feeling happy, light and open – ready to embrace the day.

Springtime in Ibiza sees our fields full of vibrant flowers and blossoming trees, filling our senses with magic and beauty.  And if you choose to inhale this wonderland of multi-sensory infusions consciously, you can enjoy a natural daily dose of revitalizing aromatherapy!

Aromatherapy improves your health and wellbeing naturally. As you inhale the scents, the smells bypass the analytical “thinking mind” and trigger the release of various chemicals within the brain, bringing about states of relaxation, revitalization, enhanced moods or clarity and calm.  Choosing the right fragrance can help you to reduce stress, ease depression and even bring you into greater touch with your female self (all you women out there).

So just by enjoying Ibiza’s magical nature this springtime, here is what each of those 5 aromas enables:

Jasmine – reduces stress and has aphrodisiac qualities as well as being an antidepressant

Rosemary – a wonder-herb – enhances memory function, cleanses and purifies the mind and relaxes the nervous system

Pine – is clarifying and refreshing.  Clean your mind and stimulate creative meetings, lift the energy, enhance the mood.

Lavender – also growing wild in Ibiza, this is the most wonderful herb for promoting relaxation and easing you into a good nights sleep.  Also a natural antiseptic, it gently cleanses the mind too.

Orange Blossom – refreshes the brain, increasing inspiration and your creative ability.  Forming the base of Neroli Oil, it also boosts your immune system and has proven psychological benefits to help prevent anxiety attacks.

So enjoy these heavenly scents that pervade the nostrils as you walk in nature this springtime….   pick carefully and with gratitude to create eye masks and in-casa infusions.

Interested in finding out more about Ibiza’s natural healing plants and remedies? Join our June, July or August Get Glowing Retreats!

Embrace lemon zest & zing

Uplift your day, smell the fresh revitalisation of bright yellow sunshine-filled citrus.

Go on… give it a go – just for one week – instead of a morning coffee (or a morning caffeine-tea), start your day with hot-water with lemon and feel invigorated, uplifted and free!  The scent of the outdoors, inside the office will open your heart and mind. A natural remedy: freshly squeezed lemon juice will also give your liver a boost, flushing out toxins and clearing out those “sluggish”, heavy feelings.

Brighten up your inner world – and enjoy with a dollop of local-honey to invest in our beloved bees.  Slice some Ginger for extra inner-heat and enJOY FRESH from Ibiza’s lemon trees.



Cultivate Spring energy: Detox your body & mind…

We emerge from winter – squinting at the brightness of the light, shaking the cold from our bones and slowly peeling off the layers…

The days begin to lengthen, you can feel that tiny hint of warmth in the sunshine and it’s time to spring clean! But not just any spring clean – this is a spring clean of the body and the mind! A gentle little ‘life detox’ to prepare and energise you for the summer months. So make it you best one yet. Here are hints and tips to spring clean your body and your mind ready for the new season!

The Body spring clean
* Plenty of ginger tea with lemon – and we mean mugs and mugs of the stuff to ward away any colds and boost your immune system in this time of seasonal change. And water, lots and lots of water to flush your system through and to hydrate and freshen you from the inside out.

* Daily dry-brush exfoliation – Helps to alleviate that dry winter skin and helps toxins to be flushed through the body with those circular and long sweeping strokes. Especially if you feel any heaviness or puffiness in the body. And this can be a work out in itself – 5 full minutes of this every morning as part of your routine before your shower will have you almost breaking a sweat!

* Contrast hot and cold showers – this one is for the brave, but there are so many benefits beyond the obvious of feeling energised and invigorated. They can help to lower the blood pressure, boost the central nervous system, stimulate hormone production, and are a natural pain relief. More? It’s said the sudden temperature change boosts the immune system and antioxidant function. And overall wellbeing is cultivated through improved blood circulation.

The Mind Spring Clean
* Make it a no technology day – We are all so ‘hooked’ to our TV’s, computers, iPads, iPods, iPhones, Blackberries blah blah. Take a day off from all of these devices to give your mind (and brain!) a rest. It’s interesting to note how you feel without these things in your life! After the initial panic and feeling of disconnection has subsided – you might even enjoy it!

* Make meditation a part of your daily ritual – If it already is, great! For those who are still cultivating a practise, ahem, try a 20-30 minute meditation. Just feel into your body and your breath. Stay to stay present with your body. Or attend a yoga class or do a long, leisurely and mindful self practise at home.

* Let go of the baggage – We all carry around a little baggage with us – but how about freeing yourself from past worries and hurts? Begin a diary of your feelings, regrets and emotions – so you can actually acknowledge them, accept them and then then feel able to move on and let them go. This is a practise – but writing these thoughts down and facing them can be a huge relief and can be a great way to detox them from inside you! They often seem much less important when you actually see them written down!